Hi there..

Hi, I'm Merel. A real dreamer, full-time tea lover, series addict and love learning new things. I can't get enough of traveling and finding new cocktail teas and what you can always wake me up for is a good bar of chocolate!

In early 2022, I officially started working as a freelance graphic designer. I love playing with typography, but can also drown in sketching. My biggest inspiration is hearing your story. Where it started and how you think about it yourself. I also always find mathematical and physical phenomena extremely interesting. The project for the Media Designers Card and the brochure for the DaVinci Art Library are examples of this.

In addition, I am currently a Communication & Multimedia Design student at Avans Hogeschool. During my studies, I started looking for new focus within design that I find interesting. At CMD Breda we work in modules with different directions. Through these modules, I found out that I find critical design and speculative design also more challenging. I find that figuring out new things gives me a certain freedom that I really enjoy.

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