Graphic design

- 2019


Design a corporate identity for the Artotheek DaVinci. Consisting of the following components: style board, logo, image brand, business card, sticker, title tag, invoice, and brochure.
The art library is an initiative of a DaVinci College teacher, so created designs can be used for a longer period of time. Thus, the works can be borrowed by different departments within the school. 
For the concept, I used the following words: structure, patterns, and repetition. These words came from my research and led me toward space-filling curves. The design is based on the peano curve.


Final product



To see how the space-filling curves work I started drawing several curves. Thereafter the logo exploration and color exploration began. My design process is almost never chronological.



More logo exploration  


The logo is a peano curve, a spacefilling curve. The object is not one or two dimensional, so there is no precise capture. Just as art is interpretation. The logotype is an element of a pattern. A structure with a recurring form. The continuously reused form symbolizes the art from the art loan that is borrowed by different parties. 
Because the line is not closed, two ends remain. These represent the different perspectives on the art. 
By using capitals, a certain power is added. In addition, by using a thick font, attention is drawn to "art” Attention to the subject and so there is play and contrast in the logo. This came back from my research.


The following images are the prints for the leaflet.

The print on the front of the leaflet is a pattern of the peano curve.

On the back of the leaflet is an infographic. This shows how the art loan works. There is also a business card included. You can easily tear this out because of the cut edges and keep the most important information in your wallet.


The first image shows the title tag that can be presented next to the artwork. 
The second image shows the sticker that can be placed on the back of the artwork. This is a mark of the Art Library. 

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